Mini Seal (140mm)

Mini Seal (140mm) of Hoefon Securities Seals

Galvanized low carbon steel, wrapped with ABS
Total length: 94mm (closed) 
Steel bolt Diameter: 8mm 
Breaking strength: 1700kg 
Color: white, yellow, fluor red, orange, green, blue


The Mini Seal is a plastic seal that can easily be broken by hand because it must be broken easily in emergency situations. For instance when a Fire Extinguisher must be used the Mini Seal must break quickly in this emergency situation. Because of the small tail (Ø 1,7 mm) and the breaking strength of just 2 KG this Mini Seal is ideal in these situations. The Mini Seal is used for sealing fire extinguishers, collecting boxes, money-boxes, Electric/ Gas and water meters, first aid boxes, first aid kits, and other situations that require a seal that must be broken easily when necessary. Because of the small tail this Mini Seal is also usable when the sealed application has small holes because of the small tail that can go through the holes (Ø 1,7 mm).
The Mini Seal is available in the colors red and yellow without print.  Other colors and/or a print (e.g. unique nr or logo) is also possible, please contact us for a special offer.


– easy and quick apply.
– easy to break.
– possibility to print your logo or unique and sequential numbering.

Technical specifications

Material: PP
Total length: 140mm
Flag size: 25 mm x 20 mm
Tale: 120 mm x Ø 1,7 mm
Breaking strength: 2kg
Color: yellow, Red, Green

Custom solutions
Printing: Company logo
Number: sequential number / QR / barcode
Colours: Available on request
Minimum order 1000 pieces
Packing quantity: 1000 pcs/box
Gross weight: 3,5 kg
Packing size: 31 * 21 * 21 cm
minimum order amount

Orders under 1.000 pieces are subject to a first time only €25 design fee.


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