Fire extinguisher tamper seals

Are you looking for fire extinguisher tamper seals or tamper tags? Hoefon Security Seals is an expert partner for user friendly security seals. We provide various types of fire extinguisher plastic seals and fire hose seals for competitive prices. Our fire extinguisher tamper seals are quick to apply and easy to break. We also can supply our tamper seals with your logo and sequentially numbered.

Our fire extinguisher tamper tags

Mini Seal (140mm) of Hoefon Securities Seals

These fire extinguisher pull ties have a breaking strength of just 2kg and therefore easily broken in case of emergency. We supply these fire extinguisher ties in yellow and red, but a custom color is possible as well.

Fire hose seal

This fire hose seal has a breaking strength of 6kg. We supply this indicative seal in both yellow and red. The easy to break and quick to apply tamper seal can be supplied with your company logo.

Why you should choose for Hoefon Security Seals

We design our tamper products in Valkenswaard, in the Brainport Area in the Netherlands. Our experienced engineering team designs qualitative solutions for each problem. We are also able to provide tailor made solutions for your specific needs. We produce our security seals in Bengbu, China. In this way we are able to provide high quality solutions for very competitive prices. We ship worldwide and we are able to supply our tamper seals with your company logo and with serial number.

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