Security seal tape & anti tamper labels

Hoefon Security Seals is a worldwide supplier of high quality security seals tapes and labels. We offer tamper evident solutions for envelopes, carton boxes, shipping carton, trolleys and more. We are also able to create tailor made solutions for your specific demands. Moreover, we can supply these uniquely numbered and with your company logo.

Full Transfer Security Labels blue

These security labels look like a normal label until someone tries to remove them. This product is designed to create visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message `OPENED’ when lifted. We offer these security labels in blue and red.

Full Transfer Security Labels blue

Custom printed Full Transfer Security Labels. Printed with your company logo or other print. We offer the shortest delivery time in the market. These security labels are also available in blue and red. Orders from a little as 1,000 labels possible.

No Transfer Security Labels Red

These anti tamper labels leave no sticky or visible residue behind after the labels have been removed. In this way the surface will be undamaged after usage. These security labels are ideal for, amongst others, telecom equipment, bags and courier packs.

No Transfer Security Labels Red

We accept orders from as little as 1,000 labels for custom printed No Transfer Security Labels. Thanks to our efficient production process we offer the shortest delivery times in the markt. Available in 3 sizes and various colors on request.

Full Transfer Security Tape Red

This security tape also reveals a clearly visible printed text when the tape has been tampered. The adhesive material will be fully transferred to the surface. This security tape can be used for a great variety of materials and applications.

Applications security seal tapes & labels

Our security seal tapes and labels are often used in the following industries.

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Hoefon Security seals. Your expert partner for tamper evident solutions

Hoefon Security Seals is an advanced designer and experienced manufacturer of tamper evident products. In addition to security tapes we also produce various types of security seals, like bolt seals, cable seals, plastic seals and metal seals. We are CTPAT certified and ship our tamper tags and security seals worldwide. Hoefon Security Seals also aims to produce tailor made solutions for your demands. Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us.