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Hoefon Security Seals is an expert manufacturer of high security cable seals. Our cable seals can be used for sealing containers, trucks, trailers and more. We engineer our tamper evident products in the Netherlands and manufacture them in Bengbu, China. We therefore are able to provide high quality security seals for very competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us for more information or questions.

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Competitive priced Cable security seals

All of our cable lock seals are ISO:17712 certified. We produce cable seals with plastic, steel and aluminium bodies. These security seals have a wide variety of appliances such as sealing (shipping) containers, trailers and truck doors, bulk tankers and rail cars. We can print our seals with a unique serial number and your company logo. These security seals cannot be removed by hand and we supply our pull tight cable seals with various fixed lengths. Our team is experienced in providing tailor-made solutions and we can therefore manufacture cable seals to a customized specified length.

Are you looking for a cable seal supplier in the US, UK, Australia of New Zealand? We ship worldwide! Please contact us for a tailor made offer. Do you want more information about our high security seals? Please feel free to contact us!

Applications cable security seals

Our cable seals can be used for sealing a great variety of products. Underneath you can view some of the industries in which our cable security seals are applied.

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What are cable seals?

Cable seals are types of security seals or tamper evident seals. Security cable seals have, compared to for instance bolt seals, a more versatile application as the length of the locking mechanism can be variable. Cable seals can be subdivided by the material of the body, like on this page, but also by locking mechanism and adjustability of the length of the cable. There are nonadjustable and adjustable cable seals, such as pull tight cable seals. Moreover, cable security seals can be one time usable, but reusable cable seals exist as well.

Most seals are classified as security (“S”) or high security (“H”) seals according to ISO 17712 standards. High security cable seals are CTPAT compliant and accepted by customs all around the world in ocean freight shipping. High security seals, as the name implies, also add a layer of security to your sealed cargo. All ISO 17712 certified cable seals are numbered on both seal’s body and head in order to prevent substitution of either part.

How to use cable seals?

The installation of this seal is straightforward.

  1. Put the cable through or around the object you want to seal, for instance a trailer door latch.
  2. Thereafter you put the cable’s end into the locking mechanism. Make sure that the cable seal is closed correctly.

How to open cable seals?

After the cable is locked in the security seal’s body the cable cannot be retracted due to the internal locking mechanism. Cable seals can be opened by using a wire cutter.