Container locks

Hoefon Security Seals is an official global seller of DoubleLock cargo and shipping container locks. These high quality locking systems are a high security solution for heavy duty transport. DoubleLock’s patented container locks are designed for user friendliness and recommended by various insurance companies. Moreover, we are able to engineer tailor made solutions for your specific needs.

Shipping container locks and storage container locks

Hoefon Security Seals sells DoubleLock container locks worldwide. We offer, amongst others, shipping container locks, storage container locks and cargo container locks. DoubleLock container locking systems are high-quality and very easy to apply. With these locks you can secure a container within a couple of seconds. These locks can also be used for fences and other kind or railing. DoubleLock aims to develop the best lock for shipping containers and other cargo. We sell container locks that, if applicable, are SCM and ART approved. DoubleLock patented container locking devices are recommended by numerous insurance companies.

Are you looking for shipping container stacking locks or a security locking solutions for your cargo? Please feel free to contact us. Hoefon Security Seals is an official seller of DoubleLock security locks. We also develop and sell container and cargo security seals. Both Hoefon Security Seals and our partner DoubleLock are specialized in tailor made security solutions for various kinds of cargo.

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