Truck and trailer locks

Hoefon Security Seals is an official supplier of DoubleLock security locks for trucks, trailers and other cargo. DoubleLock offers high quality and user friendly anti-theft solutions for trailer doors, cargo doors, as well as for locking king pins. These trailer locks are recommended by many insurance companies and developed by DoubleLock’s own R&D department. Moreover, we can offer tailor made transport security solutions and ship these worldwide. Please feel free to request more information.

Truck and trailer lock

This compact trailer lock is a very effective lock with an excellent price to quality ratio. The lock pulls itself together by means of a built-in spring and is very easy to apply. We ship this trailer door lock globally.

Medium sized lock for trailers and trucks

This trailer lock is suitable for locking medium sized and large trailers. The lock pulls itself together by means of a built-in spring and is very easy to apply. We ship this trailer door lock globally as well.

DoubleLock king pin lock for trailers

The Kingpin Lock Red SCM is an SCM approved heavy grade lock for securing a trailer’s king pin. With this lock you can secure the king pin within seconds without getting dirty hands.

Trailer security locks

We are an official partner of DoubleLock and we sell DoubleLock trailer (door) locks, harbour freight trailer locks, cargo trailer locks, and truck security locks worldwide. DoubleLock trailer locks stand out by their high quality and ease of use. With these locks you can secure a trailer or truck within a couple of seconds. Are you looking for the best trailer lock that is recommended by numerous insurance companies? DoubleLock offers the best trailer locks available on the market. These enclosed trailer locks are, when applicable, SCM and ART approved. Hoefon Security Seals and our partner DoubleLock are both specialized in developing tailor made transport security solutions. Hoefon Security Seals also develops and offers indicative and security seals for truck and trailers.

Are you interested in our trucks locks and trailer security locks? Do you have any questions about our cargo trailer door locks or other trailer locks? Please feel free to contact us.

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Truck & trailer locks of Hoefon Security Seals
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