Steel body cable seals

Cable locks seals with a great price-quality ratio

Hoefon Security Seals is an expert manufacturer of steel body cable seals. We ship worldwide and we offer great value for money. Our cable security seals can be used to seal, among others, cargo, truck and trailer doors. Hoefon is also able to design customized tamper evident seals for your specific wishes.

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Great value for money
Tailor made solutions
Worldwide shipping

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More information about Hoefon’s cable lock seals

Hoefon Security Seals is a global supplier of tamper evidence products. We are also a global reseller of DoubleLock’s cargo locks. In addition to steel body cable seals we also manufacture plastic body cable seals and aluminium body cable seals. You can find all our tamper evident cable seals on or cable security seals page.

We engineer our tamper proof seals in the Brainport Area in the Netherlands, known for its technology industry. Hoefon Security Seals produces security seals in its manufacturing plant in Bengbu, China. Thanks to this process we are able to provide security seals with a great price-quality ratio.

Hoefon Security Seals is able to print cable lock seals with your company logo and uniquely numbered. In addition, we are also able to design custom tamper evident seals for your specific wishes. We listen carefully to your demands and transform these into a tailor made solution.

Are you looking for a cable security seals supplier, for instance for pull tight cable seals? Do you have any questions or do you want more information about our products? Please feel free to contact us.