How to protect your truck and trailer from cargo theft

Though cargo theft statistics vary, the global financial loss of cargo theft probably runs into billions of dollars each year. Reducing the risk of theft and taking prevention measures do not only reduce financial losses, but also avoid other burden. In this article we will therefore advise you how you can protect truck and trailer cargo from being stolen.

How to protect your truck and trailer from cargo theft

Recruit for reliable employees

Cargo theft prevention starts with recruiting reliable and trustworthy employees. You should be able to trust your drivers with your valuable cargo and confidential data, such as the cargo’s destination and time of unloading. Employees should never provide data about the nature and destination of their cargo to third parties, unless it is officially requested. We therefore advise to always perform a screening for new employees.

Safe planning

Unsafe parking spaces and (un)loading times should be avoided while planning routes. Cargo thefts do occur more frequently on weekends and during holidays. Your chauffeurs should also know when and where they can park safely to rest. You can address a co-driver for risk areas. If possible, we recommend to form alliances with authorities or other companies to stay on top of cargo theft trends.

Make clear agreements with your customers to prevent cargo theft

Clear agreements and guidelines

If you are moving valuable goods or theft-sensitive cargo we recommend to make clear agreements with your customers. You should agree on a safe time and place of loading or unloading cargo. You should also provide your drivers and other employees with clear guidelines for handling transport safely. Drivers should receive clear instructions for (un)loading, refilling gas, transferring cargo and resting. Cargo should never be left unprotected and we advise to park trucks in such a manner that driving away or taking cargo quickly isn’t possible. Moreover we recommend to park trucks and trailers in spots with good lighting. We also discourage taking hitchhikers.

Your employees should also know what to do in case of cargo theft. In case of emergency a driver should always be able to contact his employer.

Add security to your cargo

We advise to add security to your trucks and trailers to increase protection. Popular security measures are electronic and mechanical cargo trailer locks. Cargo locks can be advised or required by your insurance company too.

Truck and trailer locks also make it more difficult for intruders or refugees to enter the trailer.

We hope that these tips will help you moving cargo more safely. Hoefon Security Seals is a global supplier of cargo locks, such as truck and trailer locks. If you have any questions or if you want more information, please feel free to contact us.