Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A (30CM/ 1.5MM)


Name: Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A (30CM/ 1.5MM)
Materials: aluminium alloy, free of plastic
Breaking strength: 330 kg / 727 lbs
Locking mechanism: zinc extrusion
Locking body: 26mm x 20mm x 6mm / 1.02″ x 0.79″ x 0.24″
Cable diameter 1.5mm / 0.06″
Cable length 300mm / 12″
Standard colors: black, blue, green, red & yellow

Application Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A (30CM/ 1.5MM)

Pull tight cable seals provide excellent anti-pilferage protection for the transportation industry. Cable seals are used on keeper bars, rail cars, intermodal containers, truck trailers, valves, and hatches.

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Features Hoefon Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A

These cable seals offer the following features.

Strong, static resistant aluminium body cable seal
Once cut, the cable will splay, increasing security
Seals can be printed with your company logo and unique number

Why you should choose for Hoefon Security Seals

Great value for money
Worldwide shipping
ISO 9001 certified

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Packing quantity: 1,000 pcs/box
Gross weight: 13 kg / 29 lb
Packing size: 43*33*14cm / 16.9″*13.0″*5.5″
Worldwide door-to-door delivery
Same day shipping available
Numerous incoterms delivery options on demand
Custom solutions
Printing: company logo
Number: sequential number / QR / barcode
Customized cable length
Colors: available on request
Minimum order 1,000 pieces
minimum order amount

Orders under 1,000 pieces are subject to a first time only €25 design fee.


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