Steel Security Seal CS-1.8A (20CM/ 1.8MM)

Steel body cable seals of Hoefon Security Seals

Name: Steel Security Seal CS-1.8A (20CM/ 1.8MM)
Materials: metal ring blocking the cable, protected by ABS cover
Galvanized, braided aircraft cable
Locking body: 17mm x 9 mm x 23mm / 0.66″ x 0.35″ x 0.91″
Cable diameter: 1.8mm / 0.071″
Cable length: 200mm / 7.87″ length
Standard colors: red, orange, green, blue

Application Steel Security Seal CS-1.8A

Adjustable cable seal for sealing cargo doors, lids, drums & containers. Easy to use, pass cable through hole to desired length and twist threaded break-away locking key. Sealing without locking key is also possible.

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These steel cable seals offer the following features.

High-strength, static resistant steel cable seal
Metal ring blocking the cable, protected by ABS cover
Flexible – small diameter cable
Galvanized, braided aircraft cable
Numbered consecutively
Security key “breaks off” as an additional safety measure

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Great value for money
Worldwide shipping
ISO 17712:2013 certified

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Packing quantity: 1,000 pcs/box
Gross weight: 18 kg / 39 lbs
Packing size: 32.5*21*21.5cm / 12.80*8.27*8.46″
Worldwide door-to-door delivery
Same day shipping available
Numerous incoterms delivery options on demand
Custom solutions
Printing: Company logo
Number: sequential number / QR / barcode
Colors: Available on request
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