Full Transfer Security Tape HT-F


Name: Full Transfer Security Tape HT-F
Materials: polyester with acrylic adhesive
Dimensions: 50mm x50m
Adhesive will be fully transferred to the surface

Application Full Transfer Security Tape HT-F

Hoefon security tapes and seals are often used to detect tampering while a shipping carton is in transit or storage. A printed tekst (VOID OPEN) will be clearly visible when the security tape is removed and can’t be erased. In this way it is always visible when a package has been tampered.

This security tape is recommend for the following surfaces: corrugated cardboard, paperboard boxes & envelopes, envelopes-kraft paper & synthetic film, metal – bare and painted, most smooth plastics, wood – painted and/or sanded, most textured plastics and glass.

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This security tape offers the following features.

Adhesive will be fully transferred to the surface.
Printed text (VOID OPEN) will be visible when loosen the security tape and it is not possible to remove the text, so always visible that the package has been opened.
Visual evidence of tampering by revealing a hidden message.

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Packing quantity: 108 pcs/box
Gross weight: 25 kg
Packing size: 43 * 43 * 34 cm
Items in stock, shipped within one business day.
Custom solutions
Printing: Company logo
Number: sequential number / QR / barcode
Colors: Available on request
Format: Available on request
Minimum order 108 pieces
minimum order amount

Orders under 1,000 pieces are subject to a first time only €25 design fee.


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