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Laws and regulations on transporting goods between the United Kingdom and EU countries have changed after the Brexit. Free traffic of goods between these regions is no longer possible. This means that companies transferring good from or to the UK have to declare these often to local customs. It also means that transports have to be sealed properly. Hoefon Security Seals is an official supplier of trader seals which are accepted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Our trader seals can therefore be used for exporting and importing goods from and to the UK.

HMRC accepted seals

Using UK accepted trader seals instead of customs seals

The British customs organization HMRC may apply security seals in addition to a trader’s commercial seal. If you receive goods secured by an official customs seal in the UK you must inform a local HMRC control office as soon as the secured goods arrive. Unless you’re an authorised consignee you are not allowed to remove an official seal without prior approval from customs.

Businesses may be authorized under certain conditions to use their own seals instead of official customs seal for securing goods under customs control. These security seals are called trader seals or special seals. If your business wishes to be authorized to use own UK accepted trader seals, you can apply to the CCTO National Simplifications Team. Their email is national-simplifications.ccto@hmrc.gov.uk.

Security seals are extensively tested before being accepted as official trader seals. Tests include a material test, tensile test, effects of heat or freezing test, manipulation of secured cable to loosen or remove it and examination of the internal locking plate.

The main advantage of using trader seals is to avoid delay due to extra checks and this is why many companies use special seals. Businesses authorized to use their own trader seals can choose from those security seals which are accepted by HMRC. Hoefon Security Seals is a certified manufacturer of the following HMRC accepted seals.

Our UK Trader seal: Aluminium Cable Seal CA-3.5A

Our Aluminium Cable Seal CA-3.5A is recognized by HMRC as a UK certified trader seal. Moreover, this seal is a certified high security seal and CTPAT compliant. Therefore it is accepted by customs all around the world. This seal can be printed with your company logo and unique number.

Aluminium Cable Seal CA-5.0A

Businesses authorized to use HMRC accepted trader seals must meet the following conditions:

  1. Seals must each have a permanent unique number, be serially numbered and used in sequence.
  2. All security seals and sealing equipment must be kept under lock, with the key being held by a responsible person of the business.
  3. A permanent stock record showing the receipt, serial numbers, use and disposal of security seals must be kept, which must be shown to a customs officer on request.
  4. Seal stocks have to be regularly inspected and balanced to guard against interference or substitution.
  5. All defective seals, and seals removed after use, must be kept available for inspection by customs, with whom companies must agree a method for their disposal.
  6. Marks and numbers of the security seals used must be clearly shown on documents accompanying the goods.
  7. Seals may be applied or removed only by business owners or by responsible employees authorised by the business to act for the business.

For more information about this subject, please read Notice 205: official customs seals and trader sealing. All HMRC accepted security seals, including ours, can be found on this website.

About Hoefon Security Seals

Hoefon Security Seals is a certified manufacturer of various types of security seals, such as bolt seals, cable seals and plastic seals. Our high security seals are ISO 17712:2013 class ‘H’ certified and CTPAT compliant. We are also specialized in engineering customized security seals, varying from small adaptations to complete new products. If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.

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Robert senders

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Robert Senders has been Hoefon Security Seals’ sales engineer since 2014. He has extensive experience in designing and developing various types of security seals.

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