Cable seal. What is a cable seal and its applications

A cable seal is a type if security seal that consists of a body, a lock and a steel wire rope (the cable). It is a versatile type of seal since the length of the locking mechanism can be variable. Most cable seals are for one time use, but reusable cable seals exist as well. In this article you will learn more about cable seals and their applications.

Aluminium Cable Seal CA-5.0A

Aluminium body cable seal

Cable security seals

Cable security seals can be classified by ISO 17712:2013 standards as high security (“H”), security (“S”) or indicative (“I”) seals. High security cable seals are CTPAT compliant. Since they are accepted by most customs around the world they are suitable for international container transport. Because of their high breaking strength high security cable seals also add a layer of security to sealed cargo.

Types of cable seals

In addition to the aforementioned classes cable seals are often grouped by the body’s material. Popular types are plastic bodies, steel bodies and aluminium bodies. The differences in materials result different (breaking) strengths, diverse applications and different prices.

Applications cable seal

As mentioned cable seals have varying uses, depending on the type of seal. High security cable seals are often used for international cargo transport. Security cable seals are popular for sealing truck trailers, valves, hatches, keeper bars, rail cars and intermodal containers. Our plastic cable seals are much applied in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, as well as in retail. Hence, for each situation or demand a suitable cable seal can be found.

Customs security seals by Hoefon Security Seals

Alternatives for cable seals

Plastic security seals are alternatives for indicative cable seals. Bolt seals are substitutes for high security cable seals. Both ISO 17712:2013 certified high security bolt seals and cable seals are suitable for international transport.

About Hoefon Security Seals

Hoefon Security Seals is a ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of various types of security seals, such as cable seals, bolt seals and plastic seals. We provide high quality for very competitive prices and we ship worldwide. We are also an expert in manufacturing custom made seals. Do you need a custom security seal for your specific situation? Please feel free to contact us for more information or view our page about custom made security seals.

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