Hoefon high security seals are clause 6 compliant

Hoefon Security Seals has been an experienced manufacturer of ISO 17712:2013 class ‘H’ security seals for many years. We are proud to announce that are our high security seals are compliant with clause 6 of the ISO 17712:2013 standard. In this article we will elaborate on this subject.

Hoefon Security Seals is clause 6 compliant

Clause 6. Evidence of tamper

In order for high security seals to be compliant with clause 6 a security seals manufacturer must have a documented and audited process as well as a test specification in place in its quality manual. Clause 6 emphasizes the relevance of continuous improvement of tamper-resistance features on High Security Seals. The conditions for meeting clause 6 are evaluated during the ISO 9001 Quality 9001 Operational Procedure and in accordance with several practices related to security as outlined in ISO 17712:2013 “Annex A”. The auditor must be accredited according to ISO/IEC 17020.

For manufacturers to claim that their high security seals are fully compliant with ISO 17712:2013, the following certificates are mandatory.

  • Certificate issued by an independent, ISO 17025 accredited, third party test laboratory to validate security seal’s class ‘H’ classification.
  • ISO 9001 certificate for meeting best standards for a quality management system.
  • Certificate issued by an accredited auditing agency that the seal manufacturer performs in accordance with Clause 6 of the ISO 17712:2013 document.

If one of the above certificates is missing the requirements of high security seals cannot be considered fully met.

Benefits of clause 6 compliant security seals

  • Security seals which are clause 6 compliant are accepted by customs all around the world and are CTPAT compliant. They offer therefore the least risk to be rejected by customs during transport.
  • Clause 6 compliant security seals guarantee forefront product development. Security seals are manufactured by state of the art machines and processes. These seals ensure therefore the best security available in the market.

Hoefon high security seals

All our high security seals are fully compliant with all requirements set for high security seals. In our collection clause 6 compliant cable seals and high security bolt seals can be found. We ship worldwide and offer same day shipping for products in stock. Please view our assortment of high security seals.

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Niels Pas CEO at Hoefon Security Seals

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