How Hoefon Security Seals secures the food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry is highly regulated in order to prevent health risks. Strict procedures have to be followed and checks are put in place. The transport of food and beverages from producer to business client also bear risks of tampering and even theft. Food and beverage businesses have a responsibility to safeguard the supply chain completely till the end consumer. In this blogpost we will explain how Hoefon Security Seals assists businesses in this industry overcome this challenge.

Security seals for food industry

Sealing food and beverage products to avoid and spot tampering

Consumable products often go through a process from raw materials to finished product. At each step, a food producer must ensure the safety of ingredients and products. Food must be processed, transported and stored safely. During transport and storage food must be sealed in order to detect unwanted tampering that might compromise food safety. Hoefon’s security labels are perfect for this purpose. A sealed product cannot be opened without leaving clearly visible evidence of tampering.

Securing and tracing food transport

Food and beverages are among the most frequently stolen commodities of cargo theft. The ease of reselling these products make them an interesting target for criminals. Hoefon Security Seals offer various types of high security seals that add a layer of security to your transport. These ISO 17712:2013 certified and CTPAT compliant seals cannot be removed by hand. They also cannot be tampered without leaving visible evidence. Plastic materials in our seals comply with international legislation for food safety set out in Regulation (EC) 10/2011 and Regulation (EC) No 1935/2004.

To detect possible contamination we are able to process metal additives in our plastic security seals. If a seal is (partly) broken, possible contamination can be detected by a metal scanner.

Security seals also offer the opportunity to track and trace transports. We are able to print security seals with a unique number, barcode, QR code, company logo and custom texts such as brand name.

Food and beverages often need to be restored within a certain temperature and humidity range. We offer various data loggers to monitor goods’ temperature and humidity during transports and storage. Hoefon Security Seals also supplies tilt indicators that check for undesired tilting of objects.

This offers the framework for tracking of location as well as tracking for temperature and impacts.

Our security products for the food and beverage industry


Temperature and Humidity Data Logger tempU LHT

Indicators monitor goods’ conditions during transport and storage. If your goods are exposed to undesired temperatures, humidity or tilting, this will be logged.

Indicative seals

Plastic Seal DS-F 400 Yellow by Hoefon Security Seals

Indicative seals are flexible seals that are locked to an object. Indicative seals can often be removed by hand and are a cost effective solution for sealing food products. Tampering is easily detected.

Security labels

Full Transfer Security Labels blue

These labels are stuck on an object. There is clear visible evidence of tampering if the sealed object has been infringed. Security labels can be broken easily and is therefore used for indicative use.

Security seals

Aluminium Cable Seal CA-5.0A

Medium duty metal and cable security seals are versatile and have usually a higher breaking strength than indicative seals. Metal and cable seals are often class ‘S’ of class ‘H’ ISO 17712:2013 certified.

High security seals

In our collection you can find high security bolt and cable seals. Our high security seals are class ‘H’ ISO 17712: 2013 certified. Because of their high breaking strength they offer a strong layer of security.

Bolt Seal BS40 Yellow by Hoefon Security Seals

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