Hoefon Security Seals is a reliable supplier of the cash-in-transit industry

Hoefon Security Seals is a preferred supplier of high security seals for many companies all around the world. We are also a certified and reliable manufacturer of security seals for the cash-in-transit market. In this post we will explain our value proposition in this industry.

Cash in transit

About cash-in-transit

Cash-in-transit (CIT) is the physical transportation of cash (banknotes, coins), credit cards and other value items. The transfer of banknotes to ATM points is an example of cash-in-transit.

Because of the high value cash-in-transit is often carried out by private security companies such as Looming, Securitas and Brinks.

Because of security threats, this industry is regulated by specific CIT law in many countries. In Europe a company that wants to carry out cross-border transport of euro cash must request a specific cross-border CIT-license from its Member State of origin. Depending on legislation there are requirements or restrictions on use of firearms, type of vehicle used for transport, minimum number of crew members during transport and the use of an intelligent banknote neutralisation system.

Cash-in-transit security seals

Security seals are used in transport for identifying tampering when this has occurred. Most often indicative seals are applied as tamper evident solutions. When broken, there is clear visible evidence of infringement. This is relevant for sender, recipient and other stakeholders such as insurance companies.

Hoefon Security Seals is an ISO 9001 certified and reliable manufacturer of security seals for the cash-in-transit industry. We have supplied our cash-in-transit seals to, among others, Brinks and G4S for many years. These are our most popular security seals for this industry.

Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A

Aluminium Cable Seal CA-1.5A (pull tight cable seal)by Hoefon Security Seals

Plastic Seal DSR-250

Plastic seals

Security Seal & Bank Money Bags

High security coin bag

We are also able to engineer custom-made security seals. Whether it is a custom color, adjusted cable length or a completely new design, we can offer a tailor-made solution. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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About Hoefon Security Seals

Hoefon Security Seals is a manufacturer of various types of security seals and other tamper evident solutions. We are ISO 9001 certified, produce ISO 17712:2013 certified high security seals and offer high quality for competitive prices and custom-designed security seals. Worldwide shipping and numerous incoterm options available.

Niels Pas CEO at Hoefon Security Seals

Niels Pas

CEO Hoefon Security Seals

Niels Pas has been Hoefon Security Seals’ CEO since 2017. He has extensive international experience and speaks 4 languages professionally.

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