Bolt Seal. What is a bolt seal and its applications

A bolt seal is a strong type of security seal that is applied for sealing transports. Bolt seals are one time useable and are often uniquely numbered. Because of their great breaking strength they also provide an extra layer of security. In this post you will learn more about bolt seals and their applications.

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ISO 17712:2013 certified bolt seal

High security bolt seal

Most bolt seals are certified as ISO 17712:2013 high security seals. Certified high security seals are the standard for international freight and accepted by most customs around the world. They are CTPAT compliant as well, which means that they are accepted by US customs.

Application bolt seal

Bolt seals are often used for sealing (shipping) containers and are the most popular type of container seal. Their goal is to prevent manipulation and provide visible evidence to recipients if tampering has occurred. By uniquely numbering bolt seals to both pin and barrel, which is a requirement of many customs authorities, the recipient can check if the original bolt seal is still applied. Some security seals suppliers, such as Hoefon Security Seals, are able to add a digital code to streamline the process of transporting goods.

Most bolt seals can be applied by hand. Because of their great breaking strength a device like a bolt seal cutter is needed for removing or opening a bolt seal. Therefore bolt seals also are a measure of protection.

Hoefon Security Seals bolt seals for shipping containers

Bolt seals are the standard for sealing shipping containers

Alternatives for bolt seals

ISO 17712:2013 high security cable seals are suitable alternatives for bolt seals. Since they are certified as high security seals they are CTPAT compliant and accepted by most customs around the world for the international transport of goods. Cable seals have the advantage of being more flexible and are therefore more convenient in some situations.


Synonyms bolt seal

ISO 17712:2013 high security bolt seals are also referred as barrier seals. The term container seal is also often used for bolt seal, although a container seal can be another type of security seal as well, such as the aforementioned cable seals. Finally bolt seals are also called bolt locks, security bolt locks, or sealing bolts.

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