BOLT SEAL BS-­30C Standard or with your logo

High security bolt seal. ISO 17712:2013 certified and CTPAT compliant

Name: Bolt Seal BS-30C
Materials: galvanized low carbon steel, wrapped with ABS
Breaking strength: 1,300 kg / 2,866 lbs
Total length: 87mm / 3.43″ (closed)
Steel bolt diameter: 8mm / 0.31″
Colors: blue, green, orange, red, yellow & white
ISO 17712:2013 certified and conform CTPAT requirements and ISPS Code
Clause 6 compliant

Application bolt seal bs-30C

The BS-­30C bolt seal, also known as container seal or container pen, is used for securing container transport. The bolt seal is ISO 17712:2013 certified and CTPAT compliant. This high security bolt seal can be applied to container door latches and trailer door latches.

This high security seal locks the container door to prevent cargo theft, illegal transport of people and blocks-off hazardous goods. Both parts of this barrier seal are numbered to prevent fraud of either bolt or body.

For large quantities please contact us for a tailor made offer.

Hoefon Security Seals is an expert supplier of security bolts and other tamper-evident seals. We are also able to design custom bolt seals and other anti tamper solutions. Our engineering team listens carefully to to your wishes and translates these into a tailor made product. View also our complete collection of bolt seals and container seals.

Features High security bolt container seal BS-30C

These CTPAT compliant barrier seals offer the following features.

Uniquely numbered to prevent against fraud and manipulation. This number is applied to both pin and barrel.
When closed the seal is completely encapsulated in ABS plastic so any attempt at tampering will result in obvious destruction.
Anti-spin construction to ensure the locked bolt seal cannot be rotated out.
The number on the high security seal is always clearly visible.
We provide the bolt seal BS-30C both standard and with your company logo

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Packing quantity: 200 pcs / box
Gross weight: 13.5 kg / 30 lbs
Packing size: 43*33*14cm / 17″*13.5″*5.5″


Worldwide door-to-door delivery
Same day shipping available
Numerous incoterms delivery options on demand

Custom solutions

Printing: company logo
Number: sequential number / QR / barcode
Colors: available on request
Minimum order amount: Orders under 1,000 pieces are subject to a first time only €25 design fee.
Graphics: use this form to submit your logo.

Our other bolt seals

We also supply the following bolt seals. These can be applied as e.g. container seals and trailer seals.

ISO 17712 2013 ISO certified Bolt seal with RSS

The BS-30C RSS is provided with a handy removable security sticker including barcode. This sticker can be attached to transport documents.

Bolt Solt BS-40 with QR code produced by Hoefon Security Seals

This barrier seal has a large print area designed for custom prints or logos. The large print area ensures that all designs will fit.

Bolt seals collection Hoefon Security Seals

This bolt seal has an anti-spin construction such that a locked bolt cannot be rotated out. Available in white, yellow, fluor red, green and blue.

Railroad barrier. This bolt seal is stronger than usual bolt seals

Our railroad barriers are stronger than usual high security bolt seals and provide therefore maximum protection for your high value cargo.

About Hoefon Security Seals

Hoefon Security Seals is a certified producer of ISO 17712 certified and CTPAT compliant bolt security seals. We offer high quality for competitive prices. We are also specialized in developing custom security seals for specific demands. Please also view our complete collection bolt seals, container seals and high security seals.