Hoefon seal press

Seal press of Hoefon Security Seals

Name: Hoefon Seal Press / Seal Plier

Application Hoefon seal press

Seal presses, also called sealing pliers, are frequently used in combination with sealing lead and wire seal to create a security seal at a desired length. Using the seal press, compress a sealing lead through which a wire seal runs, so that a seal is formed. The created seal cannot be removed without breaking the wire. In this way it is always visible when someone has entered the object that had been sealed.

Seal presses are widely used in various applications, such as:

  • Cabinets
  • Cash Bags and ATM Units
  • Drum Retaining Rings
  • Electric, gas and water meters
  • Barrels
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Freight Containers
  • Port Machinery
  • Bags
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Taxi meters
  • Transfer Hoppers

Are you interested in Hoefon’s seal press? Please take also a look at our sealing lead and wire seal. In addition to seal presses, Hoefon Security Seals also offers other professional equipment suitable for working with security seals, such as manual bolt seal cutters and bolt seal cutters with batteries.

Hoefon Security Seals is an expert manufacturer of various types of seals, such as bolt seals, cable seals and plastic seals.
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We also have extensive experience with custom made solutions. Are you looking for a custom seal for your specific situation? Feel free to contact us without obligation, we will be happy to talk to you.

Features Hoefon Seal Press

This product offers the following features.

Suitable for sealing lead of diameter 8mm and 10mm
Standard seal press is supplied without engraving
Red plastic handles for extra grip
User-friendly and simple

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Great value for money
Worldwide shipping
ISO 9001 certified

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