Hydraulic bolt seal cutter

Easy to handle bolt seal cutter for cutting seals with minimum effort
SPECIFICATIONS Hydraulic bolt seal cutter

Name: Hydraulic Bolt Seal Cutter
Suitable for: cutting all kind of bolt seals
Material: hardened stainless cutter
Standard marking: none

Application hydraulic bolt seal cutter

With our hydraulic bolt seal cutter you can break bolt seals with just a little effort. By pumping several times the jaw will close gradually until the bolt seal breaks. This bolt seal cutter can be handled with just a little manpower and is suited for those who have to cut bolt seals regularly. Our bolt seal cutter is often used for breaking container bolt seals.

Are you looking for a hydraulic bolt seal cutter? Feel free to contact us for a competitive offer. We also offer a complete electric bolt seal cutter kit.

hydraulic bolt seal cutter

Our hydraulic bolt seal cutter offers the following features.

Remove bolt seals easily by hand
Can be handled with just a little effort
Custom prints and colors possible

Why you should choose for Hoefon Security Seals

Great value for money
Worldwide shipping
ISO 9001 certified

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Packing quantity: 1 piece/box
Gross weight: 5kg
Packing size: –


Standard: 10-12 weeks
Customized marking: shipped from factory 10-12 weeks

custom solutions

Numbering (laser marked)
Logo or text (laser)
Barcode, type 128c (laser)
Custom colors

Our bolt seals

Hoefon Security Seals supplies various ISO 11712:2013 certified & CTPAT compliant high security seals. For a complete overview view our bolt seals page.

Yellow high security bolt seal by Hoefon Security Seals

Very popular ISO 17712:2013 certified & CTPAT compliant high security bolt seal. Uniquely numbered and available with your company logo.

ISO 17712 2013 ISO certified Bolt seal with RSS

The BS-30C RSS is provided with a handy removable security sticker including barcode. This sticker can be attached to transport documents.

Bolt Seal BS 40 ISO 17712:2013 certified bolt seal

This bolt seal has an anti-spin construction such that a locked bolt cannot be rotated out. Available in white, yellow, fluor red, green and blue.

Bolt Solt BS-40 with QR code produced by Hoefon Security Seals

This barrier seal has a large print area designed for custom prints or logos. The large print area ensures that all designs will fit.

Railroad barrier. This bolt seal is stronger than usual bolt seals

Our railroad barriers are stronger than usual high security bolt seals and provide therefore maximum protection for your high value cargo.

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